May 27-28 2019, VUmc.

 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What HBPP Is About

The Human Brain Proteome Project (HBPP) is an initiative marching towards unveiling the brain proteome in health and disease. Initially founded and successfully run by the neuroproteomics pioneers Helmut Meyer, Young-Mok Park, and Joachim Klose, in 2015 the HBPP expanded its steering board and is now defining new tasks for its future. These include the promotion and dissemination of  large-scale and targeted state-of-the-art proteome studies on human brain, brain-related body fluids such as CSF, pre-clinical models, andprojects to decipher the role of proteins in brain development, health and disease.

The HBPP promotes a Spring Workshop every year in addition to a symposium at every HUPO meeting. At these interactive events, delegates share scientific and technological updates, network, and form ideas for future collaborations or academic exchange programmes. We encourage every researcher interested in brain proteomics, including junior scientists to get in contact and join the initiative.

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HBPP workshop 2019
May 27-28.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
HBPP - promoting brain proteomics 

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